DB Alarm Clock Kit

DB Alarm Clock Kit

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This soldering kit makes an excellent gift for the beginner. After assembling the unit, all you need is power to begin using your new alarm clock. During the build, you will also mount a programming header which can be used to reprogram your clock for a custom project. This kit comes with everything you need to build your clock. The only additional tool that you need is a small knife to cut out your clock inclosure, and we happen to sell one.

Kit Includes:
  - Coin Cell Battery
  - PTH Coin Cell Holder
  - 16x2 Liquid Crystal Display
  - DB Button Board
  - 3 Momentary Push Buttons
  - 6pin FTDI Header
  - 16pin LCD Header
  - 6pin Button Board Header
  - 5V 1A USB MINIB Power Supply
  - PTH Piezo Buzzer
  - 4, 1" 4-40 Screws
  - 2, 3/8" 4-40 Standoffs
  - 10, 4-40 Metal Nuts
  - 1 "Custom Cutout Alarm Clock Case" Sticker

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